Consider this post a chronicle of Thomas Mulcair’s flip-flop policies…

Posted on: Thursday, September 24, 2015
Posted at: 12:50 PM

Consider this post a chronicle of Thomas Mulcair’s flip-flop policies…

I could go on… but this is a nice start, eh!

In no particular order: [Articles + Videos; In English, or en français.]

Shortly after his election to the National Assembly, Thomas Mulcair denounced the political interference of Québec’s powerful union movement [Article: In English.]

Now, Thomas Mulcair has declared he is extremely proud that the FTQ, Québec’s largest union endorsed the NDP in the coming election… [Article: In English.]

In the Québec National Assembly, Thomas Mulcair argued in favour of bulk water exports to the USA. [VIDEO: en français.]

During his tenure as Québec Environment minister, Thomas Mulcair explored the possibility of privatizing Mont Orford, a provincial park. [Article: en français.]

Still in Québec’s National Assembly, Thomas Mulcair praised Margaret Thatcher, the former Conservative British prime minister’s right-wing economic policies. [VIDEO: en français.]

Thomas Mulcair also opposed Quebéc daycare in the National Assembly. [VIDEO: en français.]

Recently, Thomas Mulcair revealed his plan for the Energy East Pipeline… [VIDEO: In English.]

Yet, in Québec, Thomas Mulcair says the NDP is against the Energy East pipeline. [Article: In English.]

But, to the rest of Canada, Thomas Mulcair says the Energy East pipeline is a win-win-win situation. [Article: In English.]

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