New coins costing Canadians a lot of cash…

Posted on: Friday, May 4, 2012
Posted at: 6:00 PM

Last month, the Royal Canadian Mint put into circulation a new generation of loonies and toonies.

The Royal Canadian Mint, however, did not give Canadian cities official notice of when the new coins would be distributed.

Canada’s new loonies and toonies are costing Canadian cities, as well as retailers and other coin-operated businesses a lot of cash to convert and re-calibrate coin-accepting machines, i.e. parking meters, laundry machines, etc.

Seems Canada’s new loonies and toonies have been causing headaches from coast to coast to coast

In the end, the new coins are more secure, longer lasting, and more cost effective — and that is all that really matters, eh?

2012-05-04  »  somecanuckchick