Robocall Roundup

Posted on: Saturday, February 25, 2012
Posted at: 2:03 AM


A pre-recorded message with a female voice, in both French and English, claimed to be calling on behalf of Elections Canada.

This message directed voters in ridings across the country to the wrong polling stations.

RackNine Inc. — used by many Conservative Party of Canada candidates — has confirmed its automated dialling service was used to deliver the phoney messages.

Elections Canada and the RCMP are investigating.


   Stephen Harper says…

“I have absolutely no knowledge on anything about these calls, but obviously if there is anyone who’s done anything wrong, we will expect that they will face the full consequences of the law.”

“In this case, our party has no knowledge of these calls.”

   The Conservative Party of Canada says…

“We are conducting their own internal probe.”


   In the meantime…

Conservative Party of Canada staffer, Michael Sona has resigned.

   Are more resignations forthcoming?

Elections Canada Act violations

     Below are the sections of the Elections Canada Act which may have been breached:

  • 43(a) and 43(b): the wilful obstruction and impersonation of the duties of an election officer
  • 56(e): the misuse of information obtained from the Register of Elections
  • 281(g): the wilful endeavour to prevent and elector from voting
  • 480(1): the intent of delaying or obstructing the electoral process
  • 482(b): to induce a person to refrain from voting

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