The Red Deer River Oil Spill — Update #15

Posted on: Thursday, June 28, 2012
Posted at: 4:25 PM

This is Update #15 of the Red Deer River Oil Spill…

  • Gleniffer Lake reopens, although cleanup of the shoreline is not yet finished, Alberta Environment said the water quality is within provincial standards and does not pose a risk to human health.   [ Article ]
  • While shoreline fishing is allowed, the Province of Alberta does not recommend people consume the fish at this time.   [ Article ]
  • Cleanup along the shores of the Red Deer River up to the point of the Rangeland Pipeline release site near Sundre, AB is ongoing.   [ Article ]
  • Residents are advised to continue using caution when accessing the Red Deer River shoreline near the Rangeland Pipeline release site as cleanup will be ongoing until provincial standards are met.   [ Article ]
  • Plains Midstream Canada says that there is a possibility of slight increases in hydrocarbon detection once the lake is reopened to boat traffic, as fuel and other hydrocarbon-based fluids are often inadvertently introduced by boaters.   [ Statement (PDF) ]
  • Plains Midstream Canada continues to blog its cleanup efforts surrounding the Rangeland Pipeline System failure near Sundre, Alberta.   [ Web Updates ]


  • The Rangeland Pipeline System is made up of approximately 1285 kilometres of gathering and trunk pipelines.   [ Link ]
  • The majority of the Rangeland Pipeline System is approximately 50 years old.   [ Link ]
  • According to Google Maps, Jackson Creek is approximately 50 km from the Gleniffer Reservoir — where the booms have been set up to contain the oil spill. That means, the oil spill has travelled 50 km along the Red Deer River.   [ Map ]

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