Behold the completely dependent independent Québec!

Posted on: Thursday, March 13, 2014
Posted at: 2:45 PM

An independent Québec — according to Pauline Marois — would continue to use the Canadian dollar, seek a Bank of Canada seat, offer dual citizenship, have no borders, no customs house, no visa requirements, no tolls, etc.

In short, a completely dependent [yet somehow independent?!] Québec.

Minimizing how much would change, if Québec became a sovereign country, is both dishonest and delusional.

In fact, Pauline Marois has yet to conduct studies on how a sovereign Québec would deal with issues such as the currency, the debt or even citizenship and passports.

Because there is no commitment to hold a referendum, some argue that Pauline Marois is not obliged to explain the complexities of a referendum agenda…

Be advised, the goal of the Parti Québécois is sovereignty — plain and simple. And Pauline Marois provides quotes and soundbytes about an independent Québec along the campaign trail.

If the media continue to allow these statements about an independent Québec to go unchecked prior to April 7th, they do Québec — as well as the other provinces and territories of Canada — a great disservice.

2014-03-13  »  somecanuckchick