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Posted on: Thursday, March 21, 2019
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As stated in my previous post, the next few posts will cover various statements, letters, etc. released on SNC-Lavalin’s website that the Canadian media have, for whatever reason, ignored, and continue to ignore…

In an open address to Canadians, dated October 26, 2018, [in PDF], SNC-Lavalin’s CEO says:

“You may have seen my statement last week where I apologized for the shortcomings that took place prior to 2012, which should have never taken place. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to achieve excellence in governance and integrity in an effort to regain the confidence of all our stakeholders and employees.

We don’t want to be treated differently; we don’t want the past to be forgotten; we do want to move forward. We want to be given the chance to do so through a remediation agreement.

The Government of Canada passed legislation in 2018 to allow companies to settle charges via a remediation agreement, and yet the new law is not being made available to SNC-Lavalin for unknown reasons.”

It goes on, at some length, about the steps SNC-Lavalin has taken to right the proverbial ship… including the development of its own Ethics & Compliance program.

SNC-Lavalin’s CEO finishes the letter by saying:

“This is a time when those at home and across the world are watching. Business commentators have widely shared their views on what criminally prosecuting SNC-Lavalin would achieve and what the implications would be in Canada. Those critical repercussions are alternatives we do not want to take.

We thank all Canadians for considering our position, and we look forward to continuing to serve Canada.”

Interesting that I can find nothing the Canadian media should have written on or about October 26, 2018 regarding SNC-Lavalin’s letter.

Also interesting is the Canadian media’s willingness to continue to perpetuate its narrative regarding SNC-Lavalin w/o actually citing letters, like the abovementioned, available on SNC-Lavalin’s website.

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