Posted on: Tuesday, June 17, 2003
Posted at: 3:45 PM

Etiquette is defined as the forms of behavior required by good breeding or prescribed by authority in social, or official life.

That in mind, and with an internet vernacular, a form of etiquette, often referred to as netiquette, was developed.

Essentially, if you find yourself in Rome, find out what the Romans do.

One would think that if you are surfing the ‘net and looking to join a forum, portal, or other web site, that one would take the time to lurk—read the TOS and/or FAQ, etc.—before registering and joining online discussions.

People new to the internet are not reading the TOS and/or FAQ, etc. beforehand.

People who have been online for years, are not conducting themselves in accordance with the rules laid out in the TOS and/or FAQ, etc.—forgetting their manners, and their scruples at the login screen.

There are only 2 rules you need follow to have an enjoyable internet experience:

1. Think before you type—and more importantly, before you hit the [ENTER] key.
2. Use the same courtesy that you would extend—and expect to receive—in any other form of communication.

Bottom line: Check your ego at the login screen!

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