@somecanuckchick’s #hashtags explained…

Posted on: Sunday, December 12, 2010
Posted at: 2:30 PM

Below is a list of the #hashtags — complete with explanations — that can be found in @somecanuckchick‘s Twitter timeline:

#ohcanada, #ocanada — used to call attention to something pertaining to Canada

#eh — a word, typically an interjection, (almost always) associated with Canada and Canadians

#stateofthemapleleaf, #sotml — similar to the USA’s State of the Union; used for tweets containing State of the Maple Leaf newsletter issues (from somecanuckchick dot com), as well as for tweets containing Canadian flag waving information

#stateoftheloonie, #stateofthetoonie, #CAD — used to call attention to the Canadian dollar, Canadian interest rates, Canadian prices, Canadian exchange rates, and other things pertaining to Canadian currency

#maplesyrup — tweets pertaining to Canada, usually filled with cheerful optimism and an obvious state of well-being

#cancon — tweets containing purely Canadian content; applied discriminately

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