When is an Agriculture minister ^NOT an Agriculture minister?

Posted on: Thursday, October 11, 2012
Posted at: 12:16 PM

Silence is golden.

A proverbial saying…

With respect to the Harper government, specifically the Agriculture minister and the XL Foods recall, saying nothing is preferable to speaking.

For those of you keeping track…

It has been 1 week and 1 day since Gerry Ritz, the Minister of Agriculture, updated Canadians on anything pertaining to the XL Foods recall.

1 week and 1 day.

That’s 8 days.

In those 8 days, the XL Foods recall has expanded from Canada and the USA to Hong Kong. And the number of confirmed cases of E. coli has reached double digits.

I ask you: Is this leadership? Is this accountability?

No. And, no.

Instead, the Agriculture minister is content to pass the buck to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, READ: blame Canada’s civil service, to further justify self-regulation and other idiot ideology. *cough*

And the rest of the Harper government? Well, they can be found in their respective ridings this week spending money.

Cabinet ministers, in the past, have resigned for less.

Such is not the case with the Harper government.

Silence speaks a thousand words, Gerry Ritz.

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