Backwards, Not Forwards

Posted on: Thursday, April 5, 2012
Posted at: 8:25 PM

In October 2003, the Canadian Alliance (under Stephen Harper) and the Progressive Conservative Party (under Peter MacKay) announced that their respective parties would merge to form a new party — the Conservative Party of Canada.

8.5 years later and anything remotely progressive has ceased to exist in the Conservative Party of Canada.

We are going backwards, not forwards — undoing everything good and great that once was about Canada.

The Conservative Party of Canada has truly become the most regressive political party in the history of Canada.

The malignant majority of CPC MPs seek to malign the things that united us and the things that make us whole.

Pitting Canadians against each other… building the case for separation and laying the foundation for secession.

East versus West, English versus French, men versus women, old versus young, left versus right, etc.

No consensus.

No compromise.

No centre.

Just the ideologically retarded…

2012-04-05  »  somecanuckchick