Canadians are penniless!

Posted on: Friday, March 30, 2012
Posted at: 11:00 PM

Canadians are penniless.

Love the penny. Hate the penny.

Regardless of your feelings on the penny… sure, the penny’s days were numbered, but now that the penny is on its way out, I have a few questions and comments.

What of caSh only businesses? What of consumers? And, what of this rounding bullshit?

I foresee many ca$h only businesses forced to set up merchant accounts to process debit/credit transactions.

Truly, this sounds like gouging to me — for businesses and consumers alike.

Factor in the cost of equipment and bringing that equipment online, etc., there will be additional charges for businesses — and, you know, those additional charges must be off-set with… price increases!

I expect shop signs: “INTERAC ONLY” or “DEBIT/CREDIT ONLY”.

BTW, that means, increases to transaction fees on debit/credit cards, etc. — you know, user fees!

We will be rounding ca$h transactions.

I refuse to believe that we will be rounding down to the nearest nickel. No, we will be rounding up to the nearest nickel — you know, price increases!

Remember to pay attention to things like gas prices for increases *cough* and rounding, too.

2012-03-30  »  somecanuckchick