Facts versus Fodder

Posted on: Friday, June 8, 2012
Posted at: 1:20 PM

FACT: “We [he and wife Arlene] made a pact. I’m doing this interim job and that’s the job I’m doing.” — Bob Rae

FACT: “I also have no qualms about saying this is a limited term that I’ve accepted and I look forward to working within that term.” — Bob Rae

FACT: “It won’t be me.” — Bob Rae

FACT: “I’m not going to run for leadership.” — Bob Rae

Anything else is fodder, Canada.

Personally, I’ve taken Bob Rae at his word. Until he states otherwise, I’ve no reason to doubt him — and neither do you, Canada.

But feel free to believe the fodder the pundits serve up as fact… and react like a bunch of ignoramuses because mainstream media loves it when you do, Canada.

2012-06-08  »  somecanuckchick