From the “A lie is a lie is a lie!” Dep’t:

Posted on: Monday, September 30, 2019
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From the “A lie is a lie is a lie!” Dep’t:

NOTE: There are better ways to beef up your resume w/o blatantly lying…

FYI Jobs in Saskatchewan you cannot fake accreditation and/or operate w/o certification: police officer, security guard, private investigator, lawyer, doctor, nurse, electrician, plumber, carpenter, welder, crane operator, pastor, accountant, insurance broker, real estate agent, etc.

SEE: The Saskatchewan Insurance Act [PDF]

Andrew Scheer has either faked accreditation, or operated as an insurance broker w/o a license… or both.

At minimum, Andrew Scheer was apprenticing to become an insurance broker… but, Andrew Scheer consciously chose to lie—and continue to lie—for more than a decade about who he is and what he did.

And, there are consequences for lying on your resume in Canada, eh.

Termination w/ cause, for instance, b/c it speaks to one’s integrity and trustworthiness, etc. going forward.

All Andrew Scheer had to do is put in the requisite number of apprenticeship hours, then write an exam to become an insurance broker… instead, he quit after 6 months and went to work at a constituency office for a Canadian Alliance MP, then ran for a seat in parliament, and proceeded to spread his anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ stances [Hansard].

RECAP: The only jobs Andrew Scheer has ever had, that were not taxpayer-funded, are paper boy and insurance office assistant.

All the rest?

Taxpayer-funded, READ: subsidized, i.e. MP aide at a Saskatchewan constituency office, and then an MP himself, complete w/ Speaker of the House + Official Opposition leader perks and salary bumps.

PS Jobs that do not require accreditation? Politician.

ALSO: Blogger.


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