Ode to Sustainable Development of the Environment…

Posted on: Thursday, July 18, 2013
Posted at: 2:10 PM

Remember sustainable development?

Me, too.

Under the Harper government™, sustainable development of the environment has all but gone the way of the dodo

And now, the Harper government™ has removed the long-term goal of “sustainable development” from its plans for the environment, opting instead to focus solely on using and abusing the environment for the short-term goal of “economic prosperity”.

With #shuffle13, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Prosperity and Sustainable Growth [which had included previous Environment Ministers] has been re-branded as the Cabinet Committee on Economic Prosperity and newly-minted Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq is ^not among its members.

But, fear not! The Prime Minister’s Office says the appointment of Leona Aglukkaq means the Harper government™ takes sustainability seriously

Actions, however, speak louder than words.

2013-07-18  »  somecanuckchick