One-on-One Debate between Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff

Posted on: Friday, April 1, 2011
Posted at: 1:59 AM

Would you like to see a one-on-one debate between Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff?

I would.

It was Stephen Harper who first brought up the idea of a one-on-one debate during a press conference yesterday.

Michael Ignatieff accepted Stephen Harper’s challenge, both via Twitter and at his own press conference.

Who issues a challenge and then backs down from that challenge?

Stephen Harper.

That’s right, Stephen Harper has now declined to debate Michael Ignatieff.

Really? Yes, really.

At another press conference, Stephen Harper even deferred to the decision of the Media Consortium, who has said that only the leaders of the parties with seats in the House of Commons would be allowed to take part in the television debate.

Really? Yes, really.

I’m pretty sure that if Stephen Harper truly desired a debate with Michael Ignatieff, the CBC would make it happen… aren’t you?

In fact, at the time of this blog post, Peter Mansbridge offered to moderate a debate between just Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff.

Michael Ignatieff is very keen to debate Stephen Harper in addition to the Media Consortium Debates.

Update: This morning, Michael Ignatieff sent an Open Letter to Stephen Harper, wherein he says that he will meet for a one-on-one debate “at the time and place of Stephen Harper’s choosing”.

Alas, Stephen Harper now says that he is “not interested in multiple debates”.

Other than power, I am not sure what Stephen Harper is interested in any more.

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