Pre-Olympic Noise Pollution – Part Deux

Posted on: Friday, January 29, 2010
Posted at: 1:50 PM

Some of you may remember the response I received from the City of Vancouver regarding Pre-Olympic Noise Pollution.

1 week later, I followed up with Diane Shepherd, a Noise Control Inspector for the City of Vancouver, regarding not only the pre-Olympic noise pollution, but also the impact to the overall air quality for those living near BC Place.

Below is the abridged version of our email exchange.

Hello Ms. Shepherd,

In your last email, you advised that I contact VANOC regarding these generators at BC Place. In doing so, I was informed by Stephanie Snider that the City of Vancouver has relaxed the noise by-laws around BC Place and other Olympic venues for the duration of the Olympics and then advised me to contact the City of Vancouver. Is what I was told by this VANOC representative, in fact, true? Has the City of Vancouver relaxed the noise by-laws around BC Place and other Olympic venues for the duration of the Olympics? And, if so, why were those residing in the area of BC Place not notified?

I also have air quality concerns regarding 24/7 diesel generators. In fact, I believe there is a decrease in overall air quality – to whom shall I address this concern? Does this fall within the purview of the City of Vancouver?

Kindly advise,


Dear Nancy,

The noise from the generators is being reduced. The work is now completed on the generators at the East Air Lock and VANOC hopes to complete the work on the remaining generators over the weekend.

The City of Vancouver has granted an exception to the Noise Bylaw for Olympic Venues and City Live Sites. It would not be possible to hold an event such as the Olympics without relaxing the requirements of the Noise Control Bylaw. More information is available on the website at:

I have been informed that Metro Vancouver Air Quality Regulation and Enforcement has checked the specifications on the generators and they do not have any concerns about the impact to air quality. If you have concerns about the air quality please contact them directly at:


Noise Control Inspector
City of Vancouver
Licences and Inspections, Property Use Branch
Tel: 604.873.7583

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