Pre-Olympic Noise Pollution

Posted on: Friday, January 22, 2010
Posted at: 9:20 PM

I emailed the City of Vancouver last night about the generators at BC Place (Expo Blvd and Smithe Street) that have been running all day and all night for more than a week… and will continue to do so until after the Olympics.

Below is the response received from the City of Vancouver:

These generators are required for all the extra power that is needed to run the sound systems, lights, staging etc inside BC Place.

There will be a minimum of 1 generator at each of the 3 locations running through the night. This is a result of the light rehearsals and minimum power requirements to maintain the added systems. During the day the other generators will be run as power requirements dictate.

The City of Vancouver has expressed its concerns to VANOC.

VANOC is directly responsible for the generators at BC Place.

The City of Vancouver has asked that noise mitigation measures be taken. As of this afternoon the prototype structure to mitigate the noise is being built.

VANOC has informed the City of Vancouver that if the prototype works they hope to begin installation on Monday.

Please contact Stephanie Snider at VANOC — 604-404-4005, or VANOC INFO — 604-403-2309 for further information.


Diane Shepherd
Noise Control Inspector
City of Vancouver
Licences and Inspections, Property Use Branch
Tel: 604.873.7583

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