T-minus ~365 days to #elxn43…

Posted on: Saturday, October 20, 2018
Posted at: 6:25 PM

The 43rd Canadian federal election is scheduled to take place on [or before!] October 21, 2019… that means, we’re +/-365 days.

Stephen Harper was turfed last election.

Maxime Bernier will do his best to split the vote, exiting in a blaze of glory and creating the People’s Party of Canada.
Andrew Scheer is, for all intents and purposes, Stephen Harper 2.0. But, like, who’s going to vote for this kinda leadership?

Jagmeet Singh maintains he’s A-OK w/o a seat in the House of Commons until the next election.

Check back periodically for updates, RE: the vote split and the benefits/drawbacks of no seat in the House of Commons…

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