Watch how Stephen Harper uses Facebook against a Canadian student!

Posted on: Wednesday, April 6, 2011
Posted at: 6:24 PM

The RCMP claims that it is not their job to restrict rally access.
Yet, there were students escorted to the door after it was discovered that one of the students, Awish Aslam, had Liberal ties — she posted a picture taken of she and Michael Ignatieff to her Facebook profile.

NOTE: This is the first election Awish Aslam has been eligible to vote.
And, another student was flagged and barred from even entering CPC rally for being involved in environmental causes — information that could only be acquired after googling her name.

NOTE: The Conservative Party of Canada requires Canadians to register prior to any rally, with your full name, address and email address. Canadians are required to present proper identification prior to entry.
Dimitri Soudas, when confronted by reporters, provided a lot of non-answers as to why these students were ejected.
Watch how Stephen Harper uses Facebook against a Canadian student:

THE BIG PICTURE: Canadians should be asking themselves:

  • Why does the Conservative Party of Canada persecute Canadians for political affiliation?
  • How long has the Harper government been spying on Canadians?
  • What will the Conservative Party of Canada do with the information obtained from Canadians, or on Canadians during this election campaign — and after the election?
  • If Stephen Harper wants a majority, shouldn’t he engage Canadians of all political stripes?
  • With a majority, how will the Harper government further erode the Rights and Freedoms enjoyed by Canadians?

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