Former CPC candidate Saulie Zajdel arrested — what does this say about PMSH?

Posted on: Monday, June 17, 2013
Posted at: 11:30 AM

You remember Bruce Carson, a [former] top adviser to PMSH?

And, then there was that $90K cheque from PMSH’s right-hand man, Nigel Wright, to Mike Duffy…

Well, now there’s Saulie Zajdel… you remember Saulie Zajdel, right?

Saulie Zajdel was arrested this morning by Sûreté de Québec and faces 5 charges, including abuse of confidence, defrauding the government and acts of corruption in municipal affairs.

UPDATE: Charges are related to construction permits in a Montréal suburb during a period between 2006 and 2011.

FYI: Saulie Zajdel left municipal politics in 2009.

Presumably, these [alleged] crimes took place before Saulie Zajdel was vetted as a candidate to the Conservative Party of Canada… so, what does this say about the vetting process of CPC candidates?

BETTER QUESTION: What does this say about PMSH?

Despite Saulie Zajdel’s defeat, he was rewarded by PMSH with what amounted to a shadow MP position, liaising on behalf of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

And, in April 2012, after he resigned as a shadow MP, Saulie Zajdel was looking forward to running again in the riding of Mont-Royal for the Conservative Party of Canada.

NOTE: Saulie Zajdel resigned his shadow MP position approximately 6 months after the Charbonneau Commission was conferred.

REMEMBER: PMSH actively campaigned in the riding of Mont-Royal with, Conservative Party of Canada candidate, Saulie Zajdel during the last election.

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