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Posted on: Tuesday, March 3, 2009
Posted at: 1:00 PM

Bullshit (BS, for short)


  1. incorrect, or misleading language.
  2. deceptive, or insincere posturing.
  3. boastful talk, or behavior.

Bullshit is an expletive, commonly used Americans and Canadians alike.

Typically, bullshit is used in connection with something that is incorrect, or misleading.

The use of the word bullshit is often used to describe the talk, or behaviour, of someone who is bragging, or boastful.

Bullshit is comparable to the British word bollocks.

In my mind, bollocks is far more offensive. By definition, bollocks means testicles.

Because the word bullshit has evolved to have little, or nothing, to do with the excrement of bulls—bollocks is, by far, more offensive to me.

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