The Red Deer River Oil Spill — Update #6

Posted on: Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Posted at: 8:35 PM

This is Update #6 of the Red Deer River Oil Spill…

  • Plains Midstream Canada continues to blog its cleanup efforts surrounding the Rangeland Pipeline System failure near Sundre, Alberta.   [ Web Updates ]
  • Plains Midstream Canada says water quality samples have almost all been normal.   [ Article ]
  • Plains Midstream Canada says residents impacted by the Red Deer River oil spill will be compensated.   [ Article ]
  • Tom Siddon, a cabinet minister in Brian Mulroney’s Progressive Conservative government, says the Red Deer River “oil spill is going to cause Tories everywhere to think twice.”   [ Article ]
  • The Rangeland Pipeline System failure raises questions about whether our regulations governing pipelines are adequate or if they are being enforced.   [ Article ]
  • Bob Curran, of the Energy Resources Conservation Board, says, “We know when a pipeline was licensed or constructed. But the age is not our focus, because our regulations require mitigation and maintenance programs that focus on pipeline integrity, more so than age. In addition, sections of pipelines are replaced as needed as part of ongoing maintenance. As a result, we do not track how much is replaced year over year either.”   [ Article ]
  • The Energy Resources Conservation Board cannot issue fines, but it can ban offending companies from operating in the Province of Alberta or force specific facilities to be shut down.   [ Article ]


  • The Rangeland Pipeline System is made up of approximately 1285 kilometres of gathering and trunk pipelines.   [ Link ]
  • The majority of the Rangeland Pipeline System is approximately 50 years old.   [ Link ]
  • According to Google Maps, Jackson Creek is approximately 50 km from the Gleniffer Reservoir — where the booms have been set up to contain the oil spill. That means, the oil spill has travelled 50 km along the Red Deer River.   [ Map ]

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