20 Twitterisms Explained

Posted on: Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Posted at: 1:40 PM

A twitterism is defined as a word specific to that of the twitterverse; usually formed by adding “tw” to the beginning of a word, or by adding the latter part a word to “twitter”, or “twit”.

Here are 20 common (and not-so-common!) twitterisms:

  • twitterverse—Twitter+universe.
  • twitosphere—Twitter+atmosphere.
  • twaffic—Twitter+traffic.
  • tweet—a post made to Twitter.
  • tweeting—the act of posting to Twitter.
  • retweet—a re-post of a tweet made by another to Twitter; often abbreviated to “RT”.
  • retweeting—the act of re-posting a tweet made by another to Twitter.
  • twoosh—the perfect tweet; a tweet which is exactly 140 characters in length, the character limit.
  • mistweet—to tweet by mistake; often inappropriately, or incorrectly.
  • tweepish—Twitter+sheepish.
  • twitterrhea—the act of sending a large number of tweets over a short period of time.
  • tweeple—Twitter+people.
  • twitterness—contributions made to the twitosphere by tweeple.
  • tweetup—Twitter+meetup.
  • twitophant—one who repeatedly tweets, or retweets the [current] trending topics to gain more followers.
  • twitterectomy—the act of culling the tweeple one follows.
  • tweetaholic—someone who is addicted to Twitter.
  • twitterfu—the measure of one’s level of skill using Twitter.
  • tweetheart—Twitter+sweetheart.
  • tweetard—Twitter+retard.

Of course, there are many more twitterisms

Do you have a favourite twitterism, or new twitterism? Let somecanuckchick know!

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