Pierre Poilievre, periodically interrupted…

Posted on: Tuesday, April 2, 2019
Posted at: 11:30 AM

I’m pretty sure there’s nothing better than a Pierre Poilievre, periodically interrupted…

By definition, a filibuster is a prolonged speech; however, the intent of a filibuster, as a political procedure, is to delay or entirely prevent a decision from being made on a particular proposal, i.e. disrupt the legislative agenda, specifically the debate required to pass the Budget 2019.

Pierre Poilievre said he was going to speak until he got his way, yet, the member of parliament from Nepean—Carleton is content to take a break, here and there… you know, for food and drink, to use the facilities, maybe change his tighty-whities, and, of course, it’s important to be home in time for supper.

Fear not, though, because Pierre Poilievre is back at it again today, after getting the requisite amount of sleep and putting a comb through his hair, etc.

After all, there is nothing more important to Pierre Poilievre than building his brand and using taxpayer dollars to do so… via this political stunt, and let’s be fair, that’s exactly what it is, Pierre Poilievre is amassing an abundance of sound bytes that should take him through the next election and all the way through his 2020 Conservative Party of Canada leadership campaign. *COUGH*

I take that back, there is something better than a Pierre Poilievre, periodically interrupted… unfortunately, the fine people of Nepean—Carleton will have to change that periodically to permanently, later this year.

This post was brought to you by Pierre Poilievre’s tighty-whities and the letter “P”.

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